OMOM - SmartCapsule Endoscopy System

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Auto-Pairing Capsule

Now you can complete the process of pairing by placing the capsule near the recorder. No input on the computer is needed. 

Real-Time View

Recorder  displays real-time HD images from the capsule’s location.


With our advanced AI algorithms, the Vue SmartTM is at the new technological frontier in redun- dancy deletion, lesion detection and classification that guarantees easier-than-ever interpreta- tion as well as improved clinical outcomes

Horizon UnBounded

Pushing the boundary on capsule hardware, our new OMOM HD delivers superior image quality powered by our new optical technology. With more evident details from higher resolution imag- es, ultra-wide-angle view, SpeedSenseTM technology and longer battery life, OMOM HD ushers in the era of simple but confident diagnosis.

Dr Abey Wollongong