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Welcome to the next chapter

in Capsule Endoscopy!

OMOM Capsule Endoscopy platform delivers a combination of ergonomic design, excellent image quality and friendly, high efficient working experience. Collaborations between physicians and engineers bring in a result that is truly inspirational and second to none.

Cellmed is pleased to announce it has launched the new innovative OMOM® SmartCapsule Endoscopy System at the AGW 2017 Conference. The new capsule is smarter than ever before.


Light and compact it harbours an image sensor with an enduring 10-hour battery life. Its LED light system ensures an even light distribution and optimal illumination, and the robust belt antenna system comfortably fits the human contours and saves preparation time.


Additionally, the system is simple to use, helping to efficiently streamline the work flow of busy endoscopy units while at the same time providing the clinician with accurate diagnostic feedback.

Auto-Pairing Capsule

Now you can complete the process of pairing by placing the capsule near the recorder. No input on the computer is needed. 

Real-Time View

Recorder can now display real-time images from the capsule’s location.


The Suspected GI Bleeding (SGIB) detection can swiftly scan a vast array of pictures and identify any images with suspected bleeding.

Quick View

Quick View can dramatically accelerate your browsing process by skimming redundant image sequences.

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