LifePak 1000 Defibrillator

The LIFEPAK® 1000 defibrillator is the most rugged AED ever designed by Physio-Control, with an IP55 rating. ADAPTIV™ biphasic technology provides a range of energy up to 360 joules, and an upgradeable platform.


The 1000 is equipped with cprMAX™ technology, enabling care providers to change protocols as standards of care evolve. A large, intuitive screen displays graphics and ECG readings that are clear and easy to read from a distance. A visible and accessible battery gauge gives rescuers the ability to assess battery readiness. The non-rechargeable battery can deliver more than 425 shocks.

LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator

You can focus on the patient, on the moment, on what matters.

The LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator ensures you have the best equipment to fulfill the commitment you made when you decided to enter this field—to save lives.

Although not everyone can be saved from sudden cardiac arrest, studies show that early defibrillation can dramatically improve survival rates.

Customized Care for Your Patient

  • Easy customization of settings to meet your protocol needs in the field

  • cprMAX™ technology feature gives you flexibility, so you can increase hands-on time with your patient

  • ADAPTIV™ biphasic technology provides a full range of energy from 150 to 360 joules


A Rugged and Intuitive Defibrillator

  • The most rugged AED ever built by Physio-Control, with an IP55 rating

  • Visible and accessible battery gauge gives you the ability to assess battery readiness

  • Battery performs advanced communications directly with the device so you always know the battery’s condition

  • Large intuitive screen displays graphics and ECG readings Manual defibrillation (AED override) option is available


A Resuscitation Platform for Now and the Future

  • Upgradeable platform and flexible setup options to help you focus on continually improving patient outcomes

  • The 1000 is compatible with other Physio-Control products and services across the full spectrum of care, from the field to the hospital, including data download

Lifepak 1000 Defibrillator Features

The following paragraphs introduce the LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator features.

Heart Rhythm Analysis

The patented Physio-Control Shock Advisory System evaluates the patient’s heart rhythm. ECG Display (optional)
This feature allows display of the ECG using the 3-wire (Lead II) cable and when using the defibrillator in AED mode. This feature is also necessary to use the defibrillator in Manual mode.


Defibrillation Waveform

The defibrillation shock, using ADAPTIV™ Biphasic technology, is delivered in the form of a biphasic truncated exponential (BTE) defibrillation waveform. LIFEPAK biphasic defibrillators measure the patient’s transthoracic impedance and automatically adjust the defibrillation waveform current, duration, and  voltage to meet the needs of the individual patient. Patient impedance is measured whenever
defibrillation electrodes are in contact with the patient.


cprMAX™ Technology

The cprMAX technology is designed to allow resuscitation protocols to maximize the amount of CPR administered during treatment using the LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator.

When used with the factory default settings enabled, the defibrillator allows AED protocols to be
consistent with the Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation


Data Management

The LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator digitally records patient data, including ECG rhythm and delivered shocks. Recorded data may be transferred from the defibrillator to a PC using an infrared connection. The PC  must have one of our LIFENET® products installed to collect and review the recorded patient data.

Battery Options

A nonrechargeable lithium manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) battery provides power to the defibrillator. The battery has indicators that approximate the remaining state of charge. To save battery life if the defibrillator is accidentally turned on or left on, the defibrillator automatically turns off if it is not
connected to a patient and no buttons are pressed for 5 minutes.


Daily Self-Test

The defibrillator performs a daily self-test every 24 hours and every time you turn on the defibrillator. This feature tests the most important circuitry in the defibrillator to give the responder a high degree of  confidence that it is ready for use.


Readiness Display

The LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator includes a readiness display. The OK symbol appears in the display if the daily self-test is completed successfully. A battery symbol that approximates the remaining state of  charge is also visible. If the self-test detects that service is required, the OK symbol disappears and the service symbol appears