Cellmed Pty Ltd is the exclusive agent for Dendrite Clinical Systems in Australia and New Zealand Dendrite Clinical Systems is a specialist supplier of clinical database and analysis software and consultancy services for the international healthcare sector. Dendrite have a unique and proven track record of delivery based on a deep understanding of professional users needs in an increasingly dynamic health care environment. Dendrite systems are widely used to support:

  • Single specialty clinical information systems audit and clinical governance

  • Multi specialty clinical information systems

  • National disease registries that establish clear standards for clinical care

  • Specialist society and associations' databases

  • Pharmaceutical observational registries

  • Application within the private healthcare sector


Dendrite's unique system has become the preferred clinical governance tool for benchmarking clinical performance and has become an integral part of the care delivery process at over 250 major hospitals internationally.

The unique, flexible database software and comprehensive data analysis systems, empowers hospitals, clinical departments and clinicians with their own data. With inbuilt risk stratification algorithms, clinicians can benchmark their results against national and international standards, adjusted for severity of illness using well-established statistical methods.

Dendrite Clinical Systems provide a sophisticated clinical outcomes database management system that creates an environment in which the analysis and reporting of data becomes easy and clinically meaningful. The Dendrite software is a unique clinical outcomes software system, providing clinical users with the ability to track time related clinical data for analysis of any medical or surgical procedure, all within a single software environment.

Dendrite Clinical Systems in Australia and New Zealand

Dendrites' highly flexible software, supporting multi specialty application, allows the creation of customizable clinical datasets de novo. Furthermore, the Dendrite software can draw from an extensive library of clinical databases from over 50 medical and surgical applications. The diversity of databases utilising the Dendrite system illustrates the inherent flexibility of the system, which can be applied in almost any imaginable clinical scenario.

The software allows an extensive array of in built analytic and risk modelling functions including:

  • Simple distribution analyses (Single group, multi group descriptive statistics with Chi squared and Yates tests, t-tests)

  • Bayes and logistic regression models

  • Longitudinal Analysis (Kaplan Meier, Cox Regression, and Hazard curves for both survival and event free analysis)

  • Sequential Outcome Analysis (CUSUM, CRAM, CRAO, VLAD, SPRTs)

  • Volume/Outcome Analysis (Funnel Plots)

  • Risk Scoring Evaluation (ROC curves & calibration plotting)

  • Risk Scoring Algorithms (POSSUM, Parsonnet, Cleveland Clinic Scoring, EuroSCORE, Bayes and Neural Networks)

  • Advanced Data Analysis and Links to SPSS / S-Plus / Crystal Reports


Dendrite software includes a dedicated link to MSWord to provide merged reports such as discharge summaries and operation notes that are completely flexible in form and content. Merged reports and letters can be produced using standard Windows network printing. The system also has proven interfaces with all the major PAS integration engines.

The established trends of clinical audit and governance are central to the transformation of health care delivery. If you would like to discuss our unrivalled experience and understand how we can help you benchmark your own standards of practice, please contact us.