What is Autotransfusion?

Autotransfusion, cell saving or autologous blood recovery, is the practice of reinfusing a patient's own blood as an alternative to the use of donor (allogeneic) blood transfusions. The blood donor and recipient are the same during autotransfusion.


Why is an alternative to donor blood necessary?

Autotransfusion provides immediate benefits to the patient and surgical team. It uses a blood resource that would otherwise be lost. It also makes blood available for immediate use. Autotransfusion is a safe and reliable cost effective method of returning red blood cells to the patient.

Specific Patient Benefits
  • Eliminates risk of transmission of infection.

  • Eliminates transfusion related immunomodulation (TRIM).

  • Reduces the possibility of patients receiving incorrect blood.

  • Provides a source of blood for those patients with religious objections to transfusions with banked blood.

  • Reduces strain on donor blood supply.

  • Intraoperative autotransfusion provides blood that has not been damaged by storage.

  • Provides a source of blood for patients with rare blood groups or who have developed alloantibodies due to previous transfusion or pregnancy.


When should autotransfusion be considered for use?
  • When it's anticipated that the surgical blood loss will be ≥20% of the total blood volume in adults and ≥15% for paediatric patients.

  • When two units or more of blood are routinely cross-matched.

  • In procedures where 15% or more of the patients require transfusion.

  • In procedures when mean transfusion volume exceeds two units.


Cellmed partners with clinicians, risk management, finance, blood bank personnel with the following aims:

  • Increasing patient safety.

  • Creating transfusion cost savings.

  • Aiding in the management of patients at risk from transfusion.

  • Achieving consistency in transfusion practices.

  • Optimising the use of blood and personnel resources thus relieving the hospital of wat is a time consuming and labour intensive procedure.


Services offered
  1. Cost effective comprehensive autotransfusion service.

  2. Qualified Registered General Nurses for service delivery with your own equipment.

  3. Consumerables.

  4. Equipment rental.

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